Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cloudscapes with the iPhone

On a recent drive home from Winnipeg together with Steve and Kai,we were treated to spectacular cloudscapes.Both Steve and I were bemoaning the fact that our cameras were at home.
Fortunately we had our iPhones handy and still got some good pictures.

It seemed that the storms were going to the north and south of us and,except for a short shower,we were unaffected.I love those huge clouds.

A distant rain shower gives another chance at a picture.

Later that same evening the clouds parted long enough to light up the sky.

The sunset was a good one as well.

This was a day to learn again the lesson that we should make the best of every situation.

A camera doesn't make a great picture,anymore than a typewriter writes a great story.


  1. Glorious, glorious clouds! We were traveling yesterday from Ohio to home and the clouds were really showing off for us too! I could watch them all day long!

  2. I needed this encouragement. I wasn't a photographer...I still am.

  3. Wonderful clouds! BUT the distant rain has them all beat! It is really my favorite, and I think the best one here. Truly stunning. LOVE your header!

  4. Love the clouds at any time.. But that sunset got my attention this morning. Glorious... Praise be to God.


  5. I agree - the camera you have with you is the best possible one to capture what's happening right now. Often, that's the phone camera. Beautiful skies!


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