Sunday, August 7, 2016

Needing Some Camera Time

I found myself in need of some camera time today,so since it was  beautiful day,I asked my sister to join me and off we went to the English Gardens and St.Vital Park in Winnipeg.
I got many pictures with my cameras,but also got a few with the iPhone.

 This first picture is from the English Gardens,all the rest are from St.Vital Park.

St.Vital Park has a beautiful display of flowers this year,so here are some scenes for your enjoyment.

 I think that these pictures prove that even if I had only had my phone with me,I could have still gotten some decent photos.


  1. Garden will look beautiful with these wonderful and colorful flowers.

  2. Beautiful Gardens, Ruth... Reminded me of all of our visits to Biltmore. Since we go there in different seasons, we always find lots of 'new' (new to us) things blooming... I love all of the colors in your photos.


  3. ...and enjoyed it, I did!!! Immensely.

  4. Beautiful garden and photos. I do not have an iPhone but I've seen what wonderful photos its camera takes. It is definitely an asset to own one to be able to capture such pretty shots.

  5. These are gorgeous! And the rose is perfect. We have no flowers left now, only the pansies. That is so strange, since you live in Canada!


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