Saturday, May 28, 2016

iPhone Photos and Fun with Apps

Carrying an iPhone with you at all times can result in some amazing images.
I know that the die-hard photographer will see all kinds of things in these photos that are not as good as a DSLR will give. I do know the limitations of a phone camera,but I also know that the best camera to use is the one you have with you.

This sunset picture is stunning in my eyes.Yes,the sun is not perfectly shaped but I still like the overall look.

At a nearby marsh I was able to capture this picture.Of course I also got some with my full camera,but just to prove that the phone does a pretty good job,I got this as well.

As most of you know,I love sky shots.This was taken as I walked the short distance from my parked car to my school bus.There is most often time to stop and get a quick shot.

Now,let's have some fun with the phone pictures.An App which I really enjoy using is Super Photo Pro.This App has so many different effects in it.Here are just a few that I like.

The beauty of this App for me is that it is very easy to use.Usually it is as simple as picking a picture and letting the App create a picture like this or any other.

After years of comparing myself to others, I’m learning how to embrace who I am and the beauty of living fully as me.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From Goats to Flowers

As promised,this blog will be filled with variety.
Today is typical of that.

 We start out at my Brother-in-laws farm.They have some interesting and cute critters.
This little goat will not get much larger and he sure is incredibly cute.The phone is so handy for shots like this,small and always ready.

On a recent drive through the Pembina Valley,the smoke hung heavy in the air.
Yes,I did have my cameras with me,but still used the phone to get this picture.The color is unedited,so you can see the smoke from forest fires many miles to the north of where I am.

Now for the flowers.I recently downloaded a new collage App. It's called Magic Photo Collage.I have not explored all the possibilities within this app,but I like it already.
No,I have not been asked to speak on behalf of this product nor do I get any benefits from sharing this.I am simply telling you what I like about it.

That's it for today.Now grab your phone and go looking for fun and fascinating photos.They really are everywhere.Look for the beauty and you will find it.

Friday, May 20, 2016

This and That

I realize that this blog will be filled with variety.Each post may have  several different subjects,but that is what having fun is all about.I don't want this to be predictable.

Here is another Fisheye Pro capture.This was taken on my yard.Notice how this app has the background upside down.Makes for an interesting image.

One morning as I was walking from my car to the bus,I noticed these clouds in the sky.Out comes the phone and this is the result.

Walking up to a friends house one day,I had to stop and admire her Daffodils.The only camera with me was the iPhone,so that is what I used.

Ok,I think this picture is pure sweetness.Kai was in her glory,sitting and watching mama kitty and her four babies.I think Kai could have spent many hours there,just loving on these kitties. There really are four babies.I think Kai had two on her,but since they were all dark,its hard to see them.

More Phone Photography coming soon.Perhaps I can share some collage making apps in the near future.Until next time,look for the good in each day and give thanks.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cloudy Skies to Sunset Gold

As many of you know,I drive a school bus,so I'm out fairly early.This is wonderful,mornings are the best part of the day and I get to watch many beautiful scenes unfold in the sky and around me.
I don't carry my camera with me,but I do have my iPhone with me at all times.

Every morning I cross this set of railroad tracks and every morning is a new scene.No,I don't take a picture every day,but when there is no there traffic,I roll down my window and snap a quick shot,while I'm stopped at the stop sign.

Many times as I walk from my car to the bus,I have to stop and get another shot of the sky.
In case you're wonderful,Yes,I do get my bus ready on time and once behind the wheel of the bus,I concentrate on that,instead of taking pictures.

The iPhone camera is a great little tool,but occasionally I like to play around with some other Apps.
The following picture was taken with an App called 'Fisheye Pro'. It is easy to use,just point and shoot.I kind of like the floating ball effect on some pictures.This is a sunset at the Kaleida Marshes.
I am not getting paid to promote this or  anyApp,I'm just telling you about ones I enjoy using.

I encourage you to make the best of each day and find at least one thing to be thankful for.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sunrise to Sunset

Each day is a new beginning and I love to capture those first few rays of sunshine when I can.

This picture was taken from my deck.I just stepped out of the door,even before I had my breakfast,so it was quite early.This was likely before 6am,but that really is the best time f the day.
The iPhone gives a totally different look to the rising sun.I like the flares in this one.

During the day,the sky is constantly changing.The beauty of the phone is that it is always with me,so I am able to capture those moments that might otherwise go unnoticed.

While out at the marsh one evening,hoping for a beautiful sunset,I took this shot with the iPhone.The phone camera captured those beautiful rays so perfectly. The path of gold across the water was spectacular.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to look at some of my recent iPhone shots.
Be sure to take time to capture the moments happening around you and remember,the best camera to use is the one you have with you at the moment.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Phone Photography

Welcome to my new blog.This is a blog dedicated to pictures taken sole with my iPhone.
You can expect to see everything from serious photos to fun shots and creative edits.
I hope you will come back often to check in on me and my phone.

This was what I saw this morning when I got into my bus.A few sprinkles of rain on the windshield,made for an interesting view.

When I got home 1 ½ hours later,I took some time to capture a few raindrops on the leaves.
This is a Lupin leaf,decorated with raindrops of varying sizes.

The Columbine also holds some raindrops.Isn't that just so pretty?

I am easily amused by simple little things like raindrops on a leaf. I hope you will take the time to see the beauty that is so often right before our eyes.